BY Lazy Volcano

The eye


Aye the eye, me dears. Look me in the eye, me blue one mind you not the brown. The brown eye is only for dreaming and things I don't talk about. So don't be a hero an look me in the blue 'un.

Look deep and deep and deeper till You find you selves in a different sky, a different smell, and a different land of space. Let me blue 'un bring thee in and guide thee to this oldest of caves before anyone where ever born. A place of creation You have not seen before. Difficult. Ah yes, but how rewarding. Dangerous, but of course, so what. Need help, take a good swill of your whiskey and set yourselves down and let the trip begin on the fumes of strong naked whiskey.

Today we visit the land of the dead computings. Lets assume that we all create something every time we sit behind or in front of the Mac. And that the Mac. Brings those creations to a digital world we have never been before. You will now tell me that I could call the Internet a creative force where our creations will get to and be digitalized. Ah but is that true, isn't the Internet not just a big space where dreams can be made , but unfortunately it became business only? NOO, look deeper my dears, Not the Internet, Every thought ever put out on whichever Mac. Anywhere. And then forgotten, deleted, crashed, disappeared, etc.

Plus all the works been done on the Internet and deleted, finished, changed, etc. All those ones together are an enormous ball of energy lost forever. Bigger than the Internet, by now bigger than the world of dreams itself, which already was bigger than the world we live on.

Confusing, You bet. It would not be fun without that.

Now all those lost energies, did they really just disappear, or...... What if they did not exactly disappear, but changed into the land of the dead computings. Now that would be a weird place to visit , hills and heaps of applications crashed out., underground rivers of stories never brought to light. Skies full of slow moving old programs like whales in the night. Now You tell me, wouldn't that be something, if it existed. Ah, if it existed, the magic word.

Now look deeper still and tell me what do You see. A glimmer of a possibility. After all, You can restore deleted stuff right. After all, Nothing really get lost right? After all somewhere, somehow it still exists, right, including maybe, may hap, impossibly, on the Internet?

Now folks, I can tell thee now, that there are old Gods who have taking an interest here.

No names , sorry, they might be old, but not deaf. And if the old Gods of twilight are looking in those dark spaces, we better huddle in the olden caves of e'er where even the Gods are human and young. And maybe, may hap some of us will find the entrance to those forgotten worlds.

And maybe we are not alone there. So bring a friend, a lot of whiskey. And in need make the whiskey sound and I Lazy Volcano will help thee if I can, being more than mortal in the eye of blue.

FRISIAN STORM Studio copyright