1:Naked Horns of Duir (back) 1995 Celtic Druidism and Frisian shamanism, a sculpture for the ages, Oak of course in Frisian the Oak used to be the Power of life and healing, Protection, the God. Sold

2:Two ports of Eternal Wisdom (front) 1995 In between the 2 charred oaks there is a paper on the ground. A Sign from the Ise Jingu Shrine. One of the oldest shrines in Japan for Shintoism. I created in this gallery the cross, shintoism, Celtic Druidism, American Medicine symbolism. Unfortunately the meaning escaped the gallery and the paper of the Ise Shrine never found its way back to my home. Also the placing of the objects were disturbed without my knowledge let alone my consent. A beautiful idea was compromised. A Sad story. 5 Years later I left this sculpture on the highway towards Iwate-ken. The end of the story. Wisdom is slow in coming.

.Fire 4