!st this photo, than close ups of some lamps and sense. than aphoto of lamp with old leaded window.
orSense 1
Kanselarij 2
Here we are in the Kanselarij, a very old building of the time of blue blood in Frisia. this is before they transformed this building into a museum. they where a a bit late and I was a bit early, so my 10 Year oversight exhibition happened in Smallingerland museum. very appropiate that. this exhibition , in the Kanselarij was very Japanese, I thought it to be nice to transform the room a bit and make it more Japanese. Apart from that I just had finished making these Lamps. and the sense , japanese fans. Everybody else was doing paintings anyway. I used some sculptures and these .
Most of these works where made in the year of the monkey.

8 lamps, 50 sense. .All sold

On Request I could make more. If You hurry.send an e-mail.