My Passion? Apart from guinness and red wine? Sailing .Frisia is sailing and wind and water. White sails, brown tar sails the small triangle sails, the big monster 150 kg sails of Egyptian cotton sails, when the canvas was still strong enough .nowadays those sails will sag in one Year and forget the racing then. Skutsje is the name of those boats that sail every summer in the race in Frisia. I weep when I see them coming around. When the wind is up. 40 tons of water getting swept aside by one ship. Imagine 12 of those big boys trying to get in the same channel the same time. It can't be done, but it is. Something might break or torn apart doing it. But it is done, the rules will tell who had the best right.

This is an installation in the old chapel, of bamboo, Egyptian sail, meters of rope etc. I can reproduce this one on request. I still have the original materials in the barn in Frl. Netherland. I believe it was 6m by 6m and 4.5 m. or somewhere around that figure.

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