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from left to right: Tree of life,from behind, I like walking, Counterbalance to be seen in the museum at all times.

See work in process, better pictures from welcome :

The making of counterbalance.

Museum Welcome

A solo exhibition with lecture, and opening with Biwa music and the Heike monogatari performed by Junko Ueda.

In this exhibition the artist Jan B. Woudstra made a comprehensive full museum display of work made in Japan during the last 12 years. And a special installation of Bamboo in the chapel.

I like walking is even now still in display in the Museum garden upon special request from the Director of Smallingerland Museum, Mr. Bruintjes. Smallingerland museum. Tel.:31-(0)512-515647 Since 2002 this piece is reintegrating with the earth. back to where it came from.

fax:31-(0)512-541445 FRISIAN STORM Studio: Japan +43-486-5044