Sunday morning. In the front room of the museum. Half The Moon is on the right. (Still for Sale). About 2 m. high, 65-65cm. .I mostly made this one in moonshine .the time before night, after day. I have never been able to get a photo without shadows that obscure the real form.. On the right down is Tree of life the Axis Mundi. of shamans. On its side. This is one of the walls somewhere in the Room. Under here is the Scorpio officinalis, the original. See for more under the head of Scorpio in list 2 of this site. The Scorpio in the entrance sticking its head out, The moon at the back ,somewhere the tree of life and The little man dances his jig on the camphor table, .Only oysters is waiting for breakfast and the Dog is sitting down.

Half the Moon

The Dog

Oysters only

Room 2