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Welcome to the Frisian Storm

Studio. Clinique: Eastern Healing Art

Eastern Healing Art
Here is to my first movie. Out the autumn2001 in Japan and Europe.


worked as an,Actor, English script and teacher. (Pistol Opera :Dir. Suzuki Seijun: Actresses: Sayoko Yamaguchi, Esumi Makiko, Hanae-chan.(Kan) Producer: Katashima san. movie comp. Shochiku

Welcome to the portal of my Studio.
Photos and paintings will speak for themselves. They DO have copyright off course.
A simplified resume of the owner of the Studio - Mr. Woudstra + the Studio has the enigmatic Lazy Volcano as writer and philosopher for lay-out and when we are overworked.

Last thanks goes to Tim Exley for helping with computers. All faults in this Homepage are however the responsibility of Mr. Jan Woudstra
right here
Mostly Sculptures from (in my eyes) natural materials.
Further: Sumi paintings, projects and whatever I like to try next, so long as I can fit it
in my unconscious life. Burned, fire
Writing short stories or tell stories, expressions.
Graphics, Illustrations, Computer paintings
Art advice for restaurants, companies, groups, products etc.
2 projects in Anima Mundi.
Smallingerland museum has a collection of my Art, and from may16 ,1997, a 2 months solo-exhibition , Iwate-ken, Fukushima-ken,etc.
TCM, such as : Acupunctuur



Food (voedsel) advice.

Yin + Yang


(WARNING: I am not responsible for any mistakes in the text. This is a homepage, can not see the patient, so I do not accept responsibility for Your use of the writings in here. Use your own common sense or ask a Doctor))


My hobby,

For sale of Art contact me personally. Thanks for your attention.
Coming from Frisia, in Netherland, after my studies ,to Japan, Tokyo1986. Spend 1 year in getting a workvisa, and 5 years to build up my artworks. For money I had all kinds of jobs. Managed to open my own Studio in Sakura 1993. Clinique in 2000. working now on healthproject/place in Europe.